September 22, 2021

Top Winners in Craps of All Time

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Today we get a chance to highlight 5 players who made a fortune while playing a craps game. As many players have won massively while playing craps, we can’t miss highlighting the top winners.

Top Winners in Craps of All Time

Biggest Craps Winners

Many players throw the dice when playing craps as a way to pass the time. Very few players prioritize making money out of the game. However, some exceptional players went down in the history book after making a killing from playing craps.

One of the reasons why craps attract many players is the setup of the game. Besides, the craps game has a very low house edge. The moves you need to learn to become a pro are few and simple. Due to this, winning in craps comes very often. Some wins are modest, while others are massive. Some of the biggest winners in craps include:

Archie Karas

Archie made waves in Las Vegas Casinos after turning a massive profit from borrowed money. The decision to take a $10,000 loan from his friend and spend it all at the casino might seem irresponsible, but it made Archie a fortune. His first stop was at the Binion’s Horseshoe Las Vegas Casino, where his winning streak started.

After a while, he had made a $17 million fortune, having played against the most respected gamblers, including Chip Reese, Stu Ungar, and Doyle Brunson. When playing craps, Archie placed bets between $100,000 and $300,000. The winning streak continued to a point where he had over $40 Million to his name. During this time, he went missing from the casino scene only to return in 1995. This time, luck was not on his side. He made $30 Million losses in about three weeks

William Lee Bergstrom

William made his first big win at the Horseshoe Casino, which Benny Binion owned. In the bet, the owner bragged that he could match each wager placed in the casino. Hearing this, William gathered $777,000 in cash and carried it to the casino in a suitcase. He was so confident that he brought along an empty bag to load his winnings. Luckily he won the bet and made $1,554,000. On two other occasions, William won in don’t pass bets worth $190,000 and $90,000.

Stanley Fujitake

Stanly went into the record as the most skilled Craps player of all time. He was awarded the Golden Arm four times in his career. One of his most notable highlights of playing craps happened at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1989. He ran a series of winning bets for three hours. By the end, Stanely had placed 118 bets and won $1 million.

Patricia Demauro

Patricia became famous for being the first inexperienced player to win in the longest craps streak. In her second time playing craps, she placed a $100 bet and won $180,000. Her lucky streak included 154 rolls, which took 4 hours and 18 minutes. The unlikely events took place at Atlantic City, where Patricia often played video poker and slot games.

Unknown Shooter at Caesars Palace

One of the most intriguing stories in Las Vegas is about an unidentified craps shooter who won $2 million playing overnight. Nobody knew his name or where he came from. Speculations have it that he was a Hollywood executive.

Final Thoughts

From the stories in the sections above, it is evident that craps is one of the most profitable casino games. You don’t have to be experienced or play with a huge bankroll to realize profits. The dice are based on chance, and winning happens if it is your lucky day.

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