September 15, 2021

Crapless Craps: The New Look of Craps

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From time to time, software developers transform existing games to have a new look and become more entertaining. Craps has not been left out. This overview will highlight some of the new features and rules in the Crapless Craps (Never Ever Craps) game.

Crapless Craps: The New Look of Craps

Crapless Craps: Insights

In a bid to keep gamers entertained, casino software developers keep re-inventing existing games. A twist here and a turn there is all it takes to re-vamp old games. It is in this regard that a new form of craps was introduced. Popularly known as Crapless Craps or Never Ever Craps, the latest variation of craps comes with strange rules. Take a sneak peek of what it takes to play the game in the sections that follow below.

How Crapless Craps Differs from Normal Craps

If you are familiar with craps, you will notice several differences between the original game and Crapless Craps. Here is an outline of the most noticeable differences:

  • The point numbers in Crapless Craps are different from the point numbers in the original game. They are 2, 3,11, and 12. In addition, players can get 11 and 3 in two possible outcomes

  • Crapless Craps have more chances of landing a 7 compared to traditional craps. Ass such players are more likely to win. Due to this, the house edge in Crapless Craps is four times that of the typical craps game

  • Since 7 appears more often, pass bettors have fewer chances to win. Keep in mind that their bets win when the shooter continuously rolls the point number before landing a 7

  • Once the point is established to 6 or 8, the winning chances increase since the two numbers can appear five times. At this point, 5 or 9 can appear four times while 4 or 10 can appear three times.

Odds and Bets in Crapless Craps

The layout on the Crapless Craps table differs from regular craps. In the original game, the table has 4,5,6,8,9, and 10 point markings, while the crapless table is marked with 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11 and 12. Don’t come and Don’t Pass bets are similar, with the only difference being that Come bets are placed on points.

How the Odds are Calculated

The Odds in Crapless Craps are calculated according to the possibility of rolling a point number against rolling a 7. Below is an all-inclusive outline of the possibilities on each point number:

  • 6 or 8 – 6:5
  • 5 or 9 – 3:2
  • 4 or 10 – 2:1
  • 3 or 11- 3:1
  • 2 or 12 – 6:1

The House Edge on Don’t Come Bets

According to the way the game is set up, the house edge is 5.382%. However, combining the bet with a free odds wager is possible and bringing the house edge to 2.94%. Combining the house edge on don’t ass bets with free odds has the following possibilities for players:

  • 1.042 house edge – 5x odds
  • 1.538 house edge – 3x odds
  • 2.018 house edge – 2x odds
  • 2.396 house edge- 1x odds

Place Bets in Crapless Craps

Like in the original craps game, players can place bets in Crapless Craps and predict the outcome of a specific number before a 7 is rolled. The only disparity is that Crapless Craps allow additional place bets on 2,3,11, and 12.

Extreme Outside Bets

Special bets known as extreme outside bets exist in Crapless Craps. The edge on these bets are as follows:

  • Numbers 6 and 8 – 1.52%
  • Numbers 5 and 9 – 4%
  • Numbers 4 and 10 – 6.67%
  • Numbers 2 and 12- 7.143%
  • Numbers 3 and 11- 6.25%

Crapless Craps Bets Practice

Playing Crapless Craps calls for one to see the bigger picture. You can take advantage of the increased chances of winning by placing more place bets. However, watch out for the high house edge on bets like 2 and 12 plus 3 and 11.


At times, it is good to try something new. Crapless Craps can give you a wholly unique experience if you are used to the ordinary craps game. Try it today for a chance to win with more place bets.

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