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November 17, 2021

Understanding Craps Table Layout and Role of Casino Staff

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Craps is one of the most exciting and profitable casino games in modern casinos. Understanding the layout of the craps table is the first step towards playing the game. After knowing all the sections, you can develop a strategy that helps you win more rounds. Aside from the table, you need to know the roles of casino staff involved when a game of craps is in session. We break down all the basics for casino craps in the following sections.

Understanding Craps Table Layout and Role of Casino Staff

The Craps Table Layout

Craps tables in physical casinos have a holding capacity of 22 positions. However, the game can progress with some of the sitting positions vacant. In most cases, you will find 14-18 players on a craps table.

Casinos are profit-making establishments. Sure, you can have some fun, but their primary goal is to entice players to spend on bets, giving the house the upper edge. In this regard, the craps table layout offers players easy access to proposition bets with the highest house advantage. Pass line bets and free odds bets are located towards the far ends of the table and have the best odds for players. The craps table has a center section and two side sections.

Craps Table Center Section

The center section is controlled by the stickman and shared by all players. Most casinos enforce the rule that players must ask the stickman to place their bets in the center section.

  • Craps Table Side Sections
  • The tableside sections have the following areas:
  • Self-service Area
  • Dealers Area
  • Blank bet area (also known as the apron)
  • The self-service area allows players to place the following bets:
  • Pass Line
  • Don’t Pass
  • Field
  • Come
  • Don’t Come

The dealer’s area has square markings containing the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. These are known as point boxes. The dealer uses the boxes to fulfill players’ requests for point bets.

Casino Staff in Craps

Craps casinos employ staff to control the game. Ordinarily, the casino arranges eight tables around the floor of the house. Players are prohibited from entering the center space (commonly called the pit). That way, the house gest a vantage point with maximum control of the eight tables. Let’s take a look at the duties assigned to each staff in craps.

  1. The Floorman

The floor man manages operations in the craps casino. He is tasked with overseeing more than one table.

  1. The Boxman

The Boxman supervises dealers on the tables and monitors the casino’s bankroll. Once in a while, the Boxman is called in to mediate disputes between players and the dealers.

  1. The Stickman

The stickman gets his title from the stick he uses to control the dice on a craps table. In addition, he calls out the numbers showing after the dice come to a stop and how the effects of the numbers on players bets.

  1. Dealers

Two dealers sit at each craps table. They guide players, make bets on behalf of players, organize chips, and pay winnings to players.

  1. Remember

We have just introduced you to a craps table, and you will need strategies to remain on the table. You can review some of our craps strategies to build your skillset and win significant payouts on a craps game.

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