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November 24, 2021

Understanding House Edge in Craps

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Online casinos use a creative way to remain profitable. The tactic is what is called the house edge. Casinos have to implement the edge within the laws that control gambling in different countries. By default, every casino game has a house edge. On this page, you will learn about the house edge in craps. Therefore, we recommend reading to the end.

Understanding House Edge in Craps

House Edge Definition

Casinos calculate the house edge using the laws of averages. In other words, statistics from a particular game guide the casino to come up with a fair house edge. As a result, the casino makes money in the long run. That is, even after paying out winnings to players. We advise players to look for games that have the tiniest house edge.

The House Edge in Craps

Craps attract many players because of the low house edge. In addition, the game has many varied betting opportunities. Some bets can be resolved in one throw of the dice, while others could take several throws.

Players get maximum profits by placing bets on outcomes that occur least. On the other hand, frequent outcomes pay low. Due to these technicalities, no strategy in craps is guaranteed to win. Experienced players recommend combining a mix of probability and adjusting bet size to raise the wins in craps.

Calculating the House Edge in Craps

Two dice are involved in a game of Craps. And, only 11 possible outcomes are possible from each dice throw. The outcomes are the totals of the two numbers that show on the top face of both dice. That is 2 to 12. After simple calculation, there exist 36 ways of getting outcomes. Therefore, it follows that some more numbers appear more often.

The house edge in craps varies in each type of bet. For example, betting on a 9 multiple times means the player can win one in nine bets. For “any bets,” the likelihood of winning is one in seven. Some bets are decided in multiple rounds. As a result, getting the house edge on such bets is more complicated.

  1. Single Roll Bets

The house edge on single-roll bets is very high. In some casinos, you will find them under the name “proposition bets.”

  1. Multi-Roll Bets

The house edge in multi-roll bets is calculated differently in each casino. In most cases, the house uses the following aspects in calculating the house edge:

  • Per bet made
  • Plus pushes
  • Per bet resolved
  • Excluding pushes
  • Per Roll

An excellent example of calculating the house edge using the above-listed aspects would be looking at pass bets and don’t pass bets.

  • House Edge on Pass Bet: The house edge for per bet made and per bet resolved is 1.41%, but when calculated per roll, it drops to 0.42%
  • Housed Edge on Don’t Come Bet: The house edge calculated per bet made is 1.36%. It raises to 1.4% when calculated on the bet resolved and settles at 0.40% when calculated per roll


Playing Craps can be lucrative. But you need to know the bets that work to your advantage and those that are too risky. To be safe, we recommend taking a risk with high-paying bets fewer times than safe bets. Doing that will help you realize profits in casinos in the long run.

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