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December 8, 2021

 The Secrets Behind Live Craps

Aria Williams
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Classic brick-and-mortar casinos have considerable craps tables. In both Western and Eastern casinos, this is a major serving. If you have been to these casinos, perhaps you wonder why not transition such excitement to virtual sites. Such compulsion for live craps dealers led Vivo Gaming to launch the first-ever live variant of the game. This variant mimics the original offline version in all aspects. The major difference is that you will have two virtual croupiers, one as the Shooter and the other as the Table Host.

 The Secrets Behind Live Craps

Live Craps in Details and How to Play

Live Craps is a game based on dice rolls. The player is set to predict the outcome of a dice roll. As such, there are varied betting chips denominations. Once you purchase them, place them in areas or numbers you think will correspond to the outcome of dice rolled. The dealer (Shooter) presses the dice shaker machine—the outcome is displayed within seconds. After the outcome is displayed, the table host announces whether the player has won or lost the bet. Depending on your betting budget or wish, you may terminate betting after a single round or press the re-bet button.

Understanding Live Craps Betting Options 

Online and offline craps have unlimited betting options. If you have tried this game before, you might be familiar with options like pass/come, don't pass/don't come, Any craps, Field (2:1 on 12), or Odds — 6 or 8, to mention just a few. The list of betting options is comparably long. Instead of taking much time to memorize the different bets, it would be wise to check payouts and expected house edges to ascertain which bets are riskier than others. A few examples of these details are as follows:

  • Pass/Come bets. These bets pay 1:1 (even money), and the average expected house edge is 1.41%.
  • Don't come/Don't pass. These bets also have a payout of 1:1 while the house edge is 1.36%.
  • Any Craps bet. The payout for these bets is 7:1, and the house edge is 11.11%.
  • Odds 4-10 bets. The expected payout is 2:1, and the house edge is 4.76%
  • Odds 5-9. The expected payout is 3:2, and the house edge is 4.76%

Live Craps Mobile Streaming and Rich Graphics

Developers like Vivo and Evolution Gaming have Live Craps on their live games catalog. Though there are slight color variations, the game's interface on mobile and desktop devices is similar. The game is generally fast-paced, with dealers ready to get into action the moment once betting chips have been placed. Across mobile platforms, live craps are compatible. The angular cameras plus well-lit interface helps you keep track of your outcome easily.

Final Thoughts on Live Craps

Craps is a cool classic social game. The live variant of the game restores the social aspects of the game in virtual places. Amid many betting options, you can have a view of the kind of bet chips placed by other players as you enjoy a side chat with live croupiers. The game's outcome is concluded within seconds, and you can enjoy re-bets as you wish.

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